Mary Had A Little Lamb on Super 8

Being very dad-like, my dad collected electronics, gadgetry, and cameras. Because that's what dad's do, record the moment. He had SLR Nikons and lenses a plenty, Yashikas, Canons, and a few super 8s.

This one still has the film inside.  

My mom would recall that on our trip to New York I sang "Mary Had A Little Lamb" with my friend Mary. She said dad recorded it. The footage could be inside this camera. What's the lifespan of undeveloped super 8 film? I hope the answer is thirty years. 

Here I am mic hogging in my pre-karaoke days.


cemenTIMental said...

It should be possible to still develop it tho might come out very faded or not at all... Also that's Single-8 not Super-8 :)

Raina Lee said...

Hi Tim! Awesome, I'm gonna try then. I developed super old 35mm film a while ago and they were pinkish purplish but I could still see that they were my baby photos (!!!). ok single 8! thanks!

cemenTIMental said...

Good luck! ^_^

Tera said...

Can you tell us how it turned out and what was on it?

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