The Watchman

At the Numero Uno Pizza my parents owned in the 80s, behind the hostess station was a one way mirror that concealed the office. We could see what was happening outside but no one could see in.

The office was really a closet that fit a desk, a filing cabinet, and two chairs, and where my parents sought refuge from complaining customers and waitstaff. It was our makeshift living room. My parents would sit at the desk signing checks and strategizing the next health department visit, while I'd sit on a box of Smart and Final tomato sauce, staring at the Sony Watchman.

In eight year old boredom I'd scratch up the Watchman logo with razors while watching Family Ties and listening to KISS FM!

My parents watched the channel 18 (the international channel) for Chinese talk shows. 


tommy spector said...

is this on sale? still workin?

Raina Lee said...

I'm going to go check if this works tonight...i'll let you know!

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