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I was sifting through filing cabinets that hadn't been touched since my dad was around. The dig revealed real estate license study guides, staple removers, rolls of fax papers, and binders with the recipes to Numero Uno Pizza! I've harped on about my parents being the proprietors of a Numero Uno. It was a big Southern California pizza franchise in the 80s. Corporate was strict about how they executed the brand so all owners had manuals on how to run a Numero Uno. The books have everything from how to arrange the salad bar to what the waitress duties are. Now I know for when I open Infinite Garage Pizza! 

The Kurt Vonnugut Pizza, their famous Slaughterhouse 5!
Pizza Pasta & Mas! Spanish recipe book. 
This is how pepperoni should be distributed. 
What crazy sandwich is filled with potato salad and romaine? Looks like deformed Pac Man throwing up. 
I still use Numero Uno aprons when I cook. I have lots!  
The tagline next to the teethmarks reads, "One bite and we gotcha!" I was never old enough to work at Numero Uno but this is what I would have looked like as a waitress. 

I still have spatulas, pizza cutters, a giant whisk, and plenty of casserole dishes from Numero Uno. It's time for Infinite Pizza!

ADDENDUM: My aunt is getting on my case to take this post down because she is convinced Numero Uno will sue me. If you're reading this Numero Uno, I don't have the recipe books. They were burned in a fire. I was kidding about opening a competitor! 


Anonymous said...

My mom needs the pizza & sauce recipe!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow. just.. wow.

Raina Lee said...

Let's make pizza guys! Except my oven is busted.

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