Fashion Friday: Two Sisters

My mom and my aunt in our old backyard.

Mystery Object #1

Since we're on the subject of gold, do you know what this is? Be the first to identify this correctly and the Garage will write you a love letter.


Grandma's Purse: A Pot Of Gold

Paintingspassport, and a pot of gold gouache. 

Grandma's Purse: Art Supplies

My grandmother kept a bit of color inside her purse. She was a teacher for most of her life, but her passion was painting. I found a few paintings before but here are some more. 

This book jacket inspired her.

In the side pocket of her purse I found newspaper clippings. It's a bundle of inspiration.

She practiced drawing a chrysanthemum peony on the back of a church flyer. 

Grandma's Purse

Clockwise: A Taiwanese passport, a family portrait, plastic sheet covering a painting on silk, a letter from someone in the U.S. Navy, an unsent envelope, a photo of my two aunts and uncle, a portrait of an unidentified child, a boarding pass (Houston to LAX), my grandmother, my cousin Jeff, and a Chinese New Year money envelope.

More to come.


I.M. Pei Church, Not A Vert Ramp

Sleuthing works! Thanks to my Aunt Shumei for identifying the building in the last post as the I.M. Pei designed Luce Memorial Chapel in Taichung, Taiwan. And all this time I was thinking it was the ultimate vert ramp.


Summer Vacay

I'm getting wanderlust again from looking at my dad's photos. Here are the few I've found that are not of relatives posing in front of obvious tourist destinations.

My grandmother and uncle in front of either a building or ultimate vert ramp. Is this in Japan? 

My dad.


BBQs and Bicentennials

It's the bicentennial plus about thirty four years so I'm wearing this necklace today! And listening to Galaxie 500. Happy birthday America!

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