Fashion Friday: Turtlenecks And Babies

It's starting to turn colder. I've cleared out more goods so I can feel the wind blowing through the garage. It's time to pull out fall fashions. This includes turtlenecks with large, dangly necklaces which is a look I've always liked. 

Me and my mom in Taiwan, late 70s.



The mist, a plank, the ocean, an island in the distance, and two well-dressed gentlemen with hair parted to the side. No time or place, just a long time ago and far away. 

My dad and his younger brother in Taiwan. 


Jewelry Without The Jewels

Inside my grandmother's purse #2 I found a paper box of miscellaneous jewelry. They were trinkets of no value, such a diamond studded hair barrette, cufflinks, and faux pearl knot earrings. A few were missing their jewels. 

These rings are looking for something to hold onto.

The cross earrings are missing a heart. 
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