Garage Geology

I found all this in a box.

It's not uncommon for me to find stashes of incongruous things. It'll look as if everything once lived in a drawer and then got dumped into a bag. How else could they have come together in a perfectly preserved time capsule?

Clockwise: Plastic whale comb, airmail envelopes, glow-in-the-dark shoelaces, Los Angeles map, Redondo Beach Fun Factory arcade token, Japanese print origami, a $10 voucher towards the defunct Mandarin Shanghai Restaurant, a photo of me on a Disneyland boat, and a loaded bullet cartridge.

Fashion Friday: Dashiki Chic

This is photo proof that my mom owned at least two dashikis. I had Dan model the other one last week.


What Every Man Should Know

Every man should know how to use a beretta, a BWM, and a handheld cellular telephone. In case you don't, my dad had the manuals. 

Of Marbles and Madness

Here are my Marble Madness the floppy disks from my formative years as a little video gamer. I love that the game designers are featured on the insert, running away from the killer marbles like they're stuck in Tron! 

Marble Madness was ridiculously hard but had mesmerizing isometric visuals. The title song is pretty rocking too. Here's an impossible speed run if you want to imagine what it's like to have world champion marbles.

About A Girl

Found this print inside a filing cabinet. My mom in her early 20s.  


Hey, That's My House!

In the late 80's my dad bought this from a guy who went door-to-door selling aerial photos of neighborhoods. Maybe we were suckers but the feeling of "hey, that's my house!" was impossible to resist in a time before Google Maps.

Garage Style: Future Looks

I love the future and all it's possibilities. That's why I'm loving the geometric looks from the soon to be open Infinite Garage store. Here's Kozy, my favorite model.  
This yellow and black sweater has been in the hallway for years. Who knew it was so hot?
It's like I'm going to Studio 54 in sweatpants! I found the Chanel pumps at home too. The bag I'm carrying has belt loops so you can use it as a fanny pack. 
My mom had quite a few jolie-laid zip ups.
An umbrella and My So-Called Life on VHS. All you need. 
I don't know why my mom had a dashiki! WTF!

We ended the day by polishing off a bottle of Strawberry Lambic and talking smack. Thanks Kozyndan for the super fun day. 

More on Kozyndan's flickr!


Mentioned On Threadbared!

One of the most inspiration zinesters ever and academic super lady Mimi Nguyen is half of the duo who run Threadbared, an whip smart blog about the politics of beauty and fashion. She did a nice write up of the Garage last week. Thank you ladies!

Happiness Is A Penguin Trucker Cap

This weekend I went to visit a friend in San Diego. We watched the nightly Sea World fireworks from her living room window. I then remembered the ridiculous cap I got from there twenty years ago. 

The penguin trucker cap grants pure joy to anyone who wears it. Pinky promise!


Having good hair and riding scooters.

My dad in Taiwan, late 1960s.


Infinite Leopard Print

I had a great first Infinite Fashion Shoot with my friends Kozyndan this weekend. For an artist, Kozy also happens to be an awesome model! She knows how to style herself, makes mom-butt shorts look hot, and works yoga into her poses. She also shares my zeal for vintage dress up and isn't afraid of any print or cut. Just wish I had her around all the time as my living doll!

When I pulled this little leopard ensemble from the Garage, we both went bonkers.

What's that on my back? Three leopards within the leopard print! 

Infinite Leopard! Rrrrrr!

Vintage leopard top and pants. Left: Forever 21 skirt, vintage Yves Saint Laurent platform heels, vintage knot belt. Right: Forever 21 tank top, Pierre Hardy for the Gap sandals. Thanks Dan for the photos!

More photos to come when I get my store together. Yes I'm slow, sorry!

Han Solo Fax Machine

My six feet tall Han Solo cut-out is an oldie but goodie. He's been with me since 1994. He's a stand in for the first person I fell in love with, who gave him to me for Christmas. 

I was planning to eBay Han but realized I could give him a new job. He now makes sure intergalactic criminals don't sneak in through the fax machine. 
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