Answer to Mystery Object #3

With so much teeth, Mystery Object #3 is... banana clips! These head sized clips will hold your spiral perms lengthwise.

It's a Bananarama clip if you wear one and listen to "Cruel Summer." 

Thanks Alexis for guessing correctly! 


Fashion Friday: Grizzly Man Japan

Most members of my family are animal lovers. We all have pets, mostly dogs. My grandmother had iridescent eels, a dog who only lived on her balcony, and a parrot who could say "dinner time!" in Taiwanese. That same parrot however attacked everyone who was not my grandmother. He was the first and last parrot anyone ever had. My uncle used to own Taiwan's #1 German Shepherd. "Polah" came in first in a national dog competition and was worth millions of NT. He always lunged at me like he wanted to kill me so it's a wonder I still love German Shepherds.  

Since we like animals, it's fitting that I found a photo of grandmother posing with frozen sheep and then of my father with bears in Japan. I thought zoos had only a few of each animal but the photo depicts some kind of bear traffic jam. I love that my dad is posing in a slick leather trench and loosely styled scarf in front of this wilderness scene. 


Astronaut Pantyhose

Earlier this year I was able to see the last evening space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral. It was blinding and beautiful. It was truly out of this multiverse.


There are probably more women astronauts now. They might need pantyhose up there. Luckily, the Infinite Garage can supply that. These packs of No Nonsense Pantyhose are packaged strong enough for a astroman, but made for a woman. 

They resemble packs of freeze dried astronaut ice cream that you buy at the Smithsonian

"Super Sheer," "Comfort Stride," and "Control Top" can all help with mobility in space. Some even have a vented cotton crotch to keep women cool when they're burning up from re-entry.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Early 1970s, San Francisco.

Another one of my dad's travel photos. Sometimes I think he was a spy. I should have noticed the clues. Mysterious photos. Worldly destinations. And he had a BMW, a Beretta, and a brick cell phone a decade before everyone else. 


A Calendar For The Next Nine Years

"Place year over month. For 50 years calendar, 1971- 2020."

At the top, you slide the appropriate year tab to line up with the month. At the bottom, the numbers then align with the days of the week. 

I found the brass calendar amongst my grandfather's things. From the looks of the graduation cap on the left, someone (one of my aunts?) graduated in 1971 and got this 50 year calendar to commemorate the occasion. Doesn't look like it's been used much in the past 41!

Between my iPhone and various notebooks, the way I keep track of days changes so often that it seems incredible to do it on one device for the greater part of your life. 

Operating systems change all the time. But at least I know what the next nine years will look like. 

Mystery Object #3: Yellow And Red Teeth

What do you think this is? The first correct guess gets an affectionate letter from the garage and the mystery object!


Party Hats From An Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

The kids in my neighborhood went to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour on their birthdays. We'd share endless banana splits and sundaes that came in giant metal bowls. Farrell's was one of those places that tried to recreate Main Street America with ragtime and waiters in ties and vests. 

I can't believe I still have Farrell's cone party hats from my sixth birthday party. Here I am with friends. I'm clutching a battery powered puppy that sat and did backflips. 

In 1982 a small plane nearly destroyed the fun. 

Soon after, Farrell's closed down. 

Garage Dresses Hollywood Movie Star

My lovely actress friend Vivian Bang saw my mom's Versace-inspired warm up jacket and knew it would be perfect to wear in her latest role as a Japanese instructor. I thought it was kind of amazing that anything that lived in the hallway could be used in a movie!

OMG it's Vivian Bang and Vivica Fox! Jacket by Infinite Garage! The movie is called Holiday Heist and will be out next year. But the jacket is available now! 

Thanks Vivian!


From The Ocean You Can't See The Garage

From the Garage you can see forever. That how long I think it'll take to clear it out. But from the ocean, you can't see the Garage. To clear my mind, I like to go to this cafe on the cliffs. It's just down the hill, to the left of the haunted lighthouse.

A song for lazing.

First Class Spoons

Some people collect decorative spoons from tourist destinations like Zurich or Nice. I was cleaning out our utensil drawer and noticed that we collected spoons too. They weren't from a destination but from our mode of transport.

Souvenirs from being in transit.

We're not the first Chinese family to swipe China Airlines coffee spoons. I've seen them in my relatives' utensil drawers. 

One year Eva Air became the newer, shinier way to get to Taiwan. We have one Eva Air spoon. We must have stopped souveniring after that. 

Here we are being classy in the sky.


Coins From An Italian Restaurant

What do you do when find $25.50 in pennies and $180 in quarters?

I wanted to blow it all on arcade games this weekend, but lazy summer weather got in the way. Went to the pool instead. 

Aside from the odd bags of change, my parents keep rolls of coins from their restaurant days. They owned an Italian pizzaria, a funny choice for a couple from Taiwan. They served thick crust New York style, lasagna, and spumoni ice cream. 

A scene from an Italian restaurant. 

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