Infinite Fashion Shoot Part Deux

A preview of the latest batch of infinite fashion, featuring Kozy and myself. More to dazzling garage finds come, but please peruse the last vintage shoot.

Very Minnie Mouse. Bloomers by Contempo Casuals.

If anyone questions my citizenship, I'll just wear this sweater and say in a broken accent, "I lub Amelika!"

The straps on this suit are ready to rave. 

Houndstooth hell or heaven? 

I might have actually worn this entire outfit as is when I was twelve. So Bum Equipment.  

Fashion Friday: Again With The Sunglasses

Last week I posted about my dad's affinity for aviator shades. This week it's my mom in beveled sunglasses, looking rather cinematic on the rocky Keelung shore.

The housecoat, the shades, the side sweep, and the wind. 


A Video Game About The Garage

Guitars, white picket fences, and purple teddy bears.
If there was a game about what it feels like to be in the Infinite Garage, The Incident would come close. In the 8-bit styled iPhone game, random crap--  TVs, red English phone booths, paintings, bikes, and teddy bears -- falls from the sky and you dodge it all to survive. Except for phone booths, I have most of those things at home and sometimes it does fall on me.

I like to think of The Incident as a commentary on consumerism and how the weight of having stuff will kill you in the end. It's the opposite of the amazing Katamari Damacy where you're obsessively collecting things, which is not what I'm trying to do.

I do love the game rules though. Avoid the stuff and live. And get on with your life!

Concise English Chinese Dictionaries

Pocket-sized English Chinese dictionaries are nestled throughout the house. Like my grandmother's paintings (omg I found more yesterday!) and bags of change, dictionaries keep popping up in dresser drawers, purses, and suitcases. 

For adult immigrants my parents had great conversational English, mainly because they had picked up slang from the young waitstaff at their Italian pizzeria.  They were the sort of ESL speakers who weren't equipped with vocabulary but could articulate anything through gestures, expressions, and piece meal Chinglish. How else could my dad have chewed out attempted dine and ditchers at our restaurant? How else could my mom have handled all our family affairs without my dad?

I don't recall my parents looking through dictionaries but most of them are worn and dog-eared. 

This one had a special bookmark. Notice the dog ear is a trompe l'oeil!

I suspect someone who liked my mom very much took this photo. 


Mentioned on Disgrasian

Thank you saucy ladies of Disgrasian for suggesting the Garage as summer reading. The Garage loves you back!

Here's their hilarious vlog about why it's cool to not wear pants and look like Coco from Fame. 

Dear Diary

As a kid, I liked the idea of keeping a diary but was always paranoid about writing down my deepest secrets. What if someone found out I liked Scott Swenson? Disaster! My life would be over! I didn't think through how my life would end exactly except from the proverbial "dying from embarrassment."

I wrote occasionally in a few diaries. This Little Twin Stars book had the biggest, most bubbly writing I could find.

OMG Scott Swenson played my video game! There are also new crushes and different friends. I've bared all!


The Secret Pekinese

Unlike my dad who loved large dogs, my mom never wanted animals in the house. From what her sisters say, she was the kind of girl who was too busy studying, preening, and going out on dates to take care of pets. That's why I find this picture of her with a Pekinese puppy so endearing. It shows that long ago she gave furballs a try.

My mom told me that a boyfriend of hers in college gave her a dog. This Pekinese must have been it. She appreciated the sentiment but was slightly horrified. It pooped and cried. She kept it for a few days and then pawned it off on her sisters. Poor puppy. The dog eventually went back to the boyfriend.
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