How To Make It In America

How To Make Million Dollars In American Real Estate, in Chinglish.

My parents started taking me to open houses when I was eight. I was a regular fixture at the pre-sale frenzies for not yet developed neighborhoods. I'd munch on the crackers and we'd take home wine glasses with Wallace Ranch, Tesoro, Avalon logos etched on them. My parents were just hoping to flip and retire early.  

I watched them study at the dining table for the realtor's exam. My mom breezed through while my dad took longer to get through the books. They both passed. I felt lucky to see a glimpse of what they might have been like as classmates. 

Fashion Friday: Aviators Glasses

My dad in his aviator shades. He must have had more than ten pairs. I've found Ray Bans, Dunhills, and Porsche Design glasses with interchangeable lenses. They were indispensable on summer road trips. 

I'm not sure why I look like a blowfish!

With love from Yosemite.

A sample of Porsche Design glasses.  


Pinning Down Time

Does time seem to run away from you? I'm never sure where the days go. As a kid I felt the summer days stretch on forever without much distinction. But now it seems hard to hold onto even this morning.

According an NPR story, one theory on why time flies as you get older is that when you're young, you experience everything for the first time and it takes your brain longer to process new encounters. Whether it's the first time you got drunk or kissed someone, it's all new. When you've kissed your hundredth kiss or gotten drunk too many times, you already know what those experiences will feel like. Your mind fills in the blanks. And time goes by ever faster. 

Maybe we can keep time on a leash, or on a band. I found a stockpile of watch bands in the garage. What to do with them since they are without their watch faces? They are sadly stuck in limbo. 

Twist-On stainless steel by Timex. 

The bands must have come the gift shop we owned in the early 80s, also the source of the Sex Plug.  


The Helper

The cheerleader, mascot and because of the long fur, garage dust mop. 

Happy Birthday Always

An envelope from across the sea, a birthday card, and a painting by her mother

My grandmother sent my mom a birthday hello. 

Wishing You Happiness On Your Birthday And Always. 

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