What is this Garage thing about?

When my mom passed away last year, I inherited thirty-five years worth of my parents' stuff. Most of it is in our 3-car garage, a mythic place where as I child I could find anything-- gadgets, kitchen wares, stamp collections, bags of money, and clothes. Now that my parents are gone, I'm clearing out their mess but discovering more than ever about their lives.

The Infinite Garage is an attempt at examining life through objects however mundane, useless or beautiful. It's a history of my family through things. But mainly it's a personal purging project because I can't move out of this house and on with my life until I get rid of the stuff!

I post objects daily, most of which will be for sale online. I'd like to find them a better home. Your home I hope.

xoxo, Raina
infinitegarage [at] gmail [dot] com

PS. Please ask if you're looking for anything in particular. I may just have it!
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