Autumn Sweater

A pink forest is growing in my chest. The leaves have blown away and the pond has turned yellow.

Today I'm wearing a theme sweater from my mother's collection. Sleeveless and made of cotton, it's a light summer sweater that I'm transitioning into fall with a turtleneck. Next to the PANDAmonium and Urban Christmas, it's one of my more wearable favorites. The best sweaters are the ones that tell a story. 

Do you have a favorite sweater? 

Fashion Friday: Denver Airport 1974

All around the world in a year, you stopped to pose before you hopped on another plane.


This Camera Is A Time Travel Device

This photograph is evidence of time travel. This camera is how we got there. You can crawl in, curl yourself up like a roll of film, close your eyes and go! My grandfather is showing us the way. 


Does anyone know where this giant camera is or was? I found this amongst other photos of my family visiting a giant dam, looks like California. If you help me identify it, you shall receive affection garage mail and some goodies.  


The Realistic Endless Loop

I found an infinite cassette tape in the box of Chinese pop cassettes I came across last week. 

There's not even tape inside this tape. (Ceci n'pas une cassette tape!) It's an "endless loop" tape from an 1980s answering machine that plays outgoing message. Our family didn't use an answering machine until the mid-90s so I'm not sure how we got this. 

The label reads "20 seconds length." They are 20 seconds that never end. This is your ticket to forever. 

I love that the brand is called Realistic, the former house label of Radio Shack. 

"Warning: Never attempt to insert cassette this side up" or you will mess up the space time continuum.  


Sequined Starlight

The lights don't work inside the garage since my mom and I were too lazy to change out the bulbs, so I only explore in the daytime. On an overcast day like today the garage gets very dark. But in the darkness I was pleased to find the glow of sequined starlight shining back at me.
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