Ten-Four Babe Keychains

These novelty keychains are from the short lived gift shop my parents owned in the early 80s, the same one the Sex Plug came from. Based on these items, I've been asked if it was a Spencer Gifts, the dubious mall store known for Fundies (underwear with four leg holes). Actually, they owned your average gift shop that sold mini patinaed windmills and greeting cards. It's just gifts during the Three's Company era were a bit racier.   

My mom and I used the "Sexy" keychain for our house key for when we'd walk the dog. It was big and therefore hard to lose. We had at least four "Babe" keychains at one point. I gave "Hot Stuff" to an ex, which I now regret.

Babe is for sale. Makes a great gift for your honey or booty call. It's a compliment to either.


pam said...

darn! babe is already sold! :)

Raina Lee said...

Sorry! There might be more "babes" hiding in the kitchen.

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