Wall of Sound

I'm creating piles of things. When I started piling electronics it quickly became the wall of outdated audiophilia. 

This is just the beginning. We have more tape decks, audio reels, SLRs and binoculars in the garage. My dad was a dad with hobbies, like stamps, skeet shooting, fishing, and electronic gadgetry. 

Most annoyingly, I inherited a pair of five feet speakers that weigh over a hundred pounds each. They have to be placed on special metal needles on marble slabs which also weigh a hundred pounds each. These days to listen to music I just drag my iPhone from room to room and turn the volume all the way up. Who needs the weight?

An early Sony world band receiver radio. We've been supporting Sony since before the days of the Walkman and Watchman.  

Massive Apogee Duetta speakers for my dad the sound nerd. I remember listening to the Pet Shop Boys on his sound setup while he'd subject us to Tchaikovsky or Paul Mauriat. 

I prefer the Sansui speaks with wooden grills. They're more homey and quaint. 

If I were strong enough, I'd stack the speakers into a real wall like this: 


Unknown said...

If I recall correctly that blue want is called a "Magical Musical Thing." I had one of those when I was a kid.

Raina Lee said...

That name is so fitting! "Magical Musical Thing" should be the name of a band.

Anonymous said...

The grillwork on the Sansui speakers is subtly beautiful compared to most other speaker detailing.

Raina Lee said...

who makes detailed wood speakers anymore? i always was planning to chuck the speakers but now i wanna keep em! ahhhhh

lshih003 said...

There is no appreciation for hand-made craftsmanship anymore. Wood-shop should be a required high school class

markson said...

You should also not be fooled by the "virtual sound" mode which comes with most sound bars, because while it can offer you something different, it is by no means a substitute for real surround sound speakers. Vizio s3821w-coc

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