The Recurring Summer Sweater

Ok, so my mom had tons of sweaters-- theme sweaters, panda sweaters, and diamond ring sweaters. You'd think wooly winter sweaters were her thing but her mind was wide open. She had a collection of summer sweaters, short sleeved cotton knits that could be worn from California spring into the fall. My mom was the year round sweater lady.


My mom in the sweater polo at Numero Uno. She's also wearing a giant button that says "Have A Close Encounter." With pizza? Interesting. Here I am in the same sweater in yellow and green. 

OMG, new with tags!

I know I could open a vintage store with all my goods but really, I could open the first strictly sweaters boutique. Sweaters for every climate and occasion! I've sold a few summer sweaters (such as the lovely Birds of Paradise and the Reverse Knit Blue) but I just keep finding more. Infinite Sweater collection is in my Etsy store! Go get yourself a piece of infinity!

The Diagonal Sherbet Sweater.

Canary Yellow Sweater on yellow me.

The Frogger Sweater. Cross the pastel road!

I wear this one every other day. It's just a drapey one pocket sweater.

The summer sweaters aren't as wild in theme as the winter ones but then again few things are. 


Anonymous said...

hey, who is that doggie posing behind you???

Raina Lee said...

he kept getting into the shot. he wants camera time!


Parisa said...

that doggie is thinking "awesome sweater" in chinese!!!
xo p

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