Fashion Friday: Hawaiian Dream

This picture came to me in a dream. My father is on the beach in a sport jacket and tie. He is dragging a long shadow behind him. The edges of the photos are blurred, the colors are bleeding away. The sun is too bright to make out the details of his face. He looks ageless. The lower half of his body is in shadows. 


Rainbow Knee Highs

Ten pairs of fashion knee highs in a rainbow gradient. Wear a little color under your career trousers. 

Thanks Laura for helping me uncover these. I hope you'll come back and revel in more pantyhose with me. 


Other Moms With Clothes

I believe there is a kind of clothes hoarding mania that strikes empty nester moms. Earlier this year I met Russ, who's mom had just passed. He too had inherited an insane collection of clothes. It was uncanny that we were in the same scenario-- thirty-something urban types stuck in the 'burbs until we could get rid of mom's stuff! We instantly became a support group of two.

Unlike Momma Lee who was obsessed with mall clothes, Russ's mom was a designer boutique shopper. He's set up Too Many Designers, So Little Time, a online shop of his mom's 3000+ items. It's organized by category (dresses, tops, etc) and designer (Marc Jacobs, Christian Lacroix, Chloe). Most of the stuff is NWT, eBay speak for New With Tags. And a portion of the proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphona Society.

I'm so excited and proud of Russ. And I want to drive over to Arizona to get first dibs. I could really use a vintage Chanel...

Leslie Roberts, I Have Your Wallet

This is one of my favorite finds. 

Leslie Roberts was a childhood friend of mine, but I have no clue as to why I have her wallet. I found it in an acid-washed denim purse. If she had left it at my house you'd think I would have returned it since I saw her everyday at school. Or, she would have asked for it back. We probably moved into different friend circles and then forgot about the wallet and each other.

It feels a little wrong to be looking through the wallet. I'm not used to possessing childhood photos of white people since everyone in my family is Chinese. It's like I've mugged a little white girl! No, I don't remember mugging Leslie.

A wallet has a personal logic to how it's organized. You look at it and immediately it reeks of someone else. The things inside don't mean anything to you. They're just clues. 

There's a school portrait of Leslie, pictures of siblings (?), and a Girl Scout ID card. 

My favorite are her parents' business cards. Next to their names Leslie wrote in "my mom" (also Leslie Roberts) and "this is my dad" (Frank Roberts). I can imagine a kid carrying these cards in the event that she or the wallet gets lost. Not that it helped this wallet get home.  


Love Is A Pac-Man Notebook

Love is Pac-Man, rainbows, and bunny rabbits according to my six year old self.  

This is love and I love you! I really do.

By Invitation Only

Use of the lounge is by invitation only. This map will show you how to get there. 

Light refreshments will be served while you're waiting for your flight departure. 

Passes to the Sakura Lounge, Japan Air Lines and the Discovery Lounge, Cathay Pacific, 1974. 


Music Monday: Dimpled Lady

The Dimpled Lady turns to her side with a shrinking smile. 

From my grandfather's record collection. For more music, look here

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