Double Vision

Why have one when you can buy two for cheap? 

"If it's on sale, it's a crime not to buy," my mom would say. She'd say it in Chinese which made it sound Confucian and full of authority. If she liked something, she'd buy it every color and size. She'd even buy different sizes for those fat versus skinny days.

"Who knows when you'll see it again for that price?" She applied her rule of multiples to all things-- appliances, clothes, TVs, even cars. We have two identical Honda Accords in different colors.  

I've always been against buying multiples. I like having one of everything as opposed to twenty of one thing. The repetition seems boring and you don't get to sample. 

But after much excavating, I keep finding the same things. I take comfort in knowing that people in the end are consistant and it shows in their tastes. There seems to be a rhythm in the things that emerge. First I'll find loose coins, followed by rayon dresses, then grandmother's paintings, stereo equipment, and back to the coins again. It's a rhythm that is the distinct sound of my family. 

For your enjoyment, here are some recently discovered clothing multiples. 

It would be a crime not to buy more than one leopard print lapel jacket.

It would be a crime not to buy more than one red dress with gold buttons... and two Honda Accords.

It would be a crime not to buy more than one pastel, off the shoulder Easter Sunday dress, especially if they have giant white bows on the back zipper! Undo the bow, and me and Kozy are Easter presents. 

It would be a crime not to buy more than one jewel toned dress made of thick curtain material. 

These look like separates, right? The top and skirt are attached! Kozy and Geneva look like tortured bridesmaids here. 

This yellow number could be my wedding suit. It's also a one piece! I could have a ceremony in my driveway and the whole affair could be wardrobed by the Infinite Garage. Also, I'm wearing Chanel shoes which I also found in the garage a few years back. Yes, the garage spits out CHANEL!

If anyone wants to outfit their wedding in these dresses, please let me know.  

More photos from the recent excavation on Flickr.


edgertor said...

i love your blog! this was great.



Raina Lee said...

thanks for being happy and reading!

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