Clothespin Rocking Chair

My house is fill with WTF! items. The diamond ring sweater, the 50 year calendar, the penguin trucker cap, and the Whole Foods napkins are such. Mostly it's crazy clothing, but every once in a while I find things that defy explanation, like the clothespin rocking chair.

Ahh, the industrial design!

It makes a nice iPhone holder at best.

Seems like it would have been a gift since I can't imagine even my parents spending money on this. But then again, they did leave all that other crap. 

Check out the hilarious Crap At My Parents House for more weird crap!


Unknown said...

Back in the day, I actually MADE one of these clothespin rockers (though mine was surely more crooked than this masterpiece).

So Young said...

I also made one of these at a summer camp. It must have been a cool thing to make back in the late 80s.

Raina Lee said...

Woah I didn't know clothespin furniture design was a kid thing! this one was immaculate so I'm assuming no kid made it, unless my parents secretly hid a sibling from me.

Parisa said...

the uses for that highly practical chair are infinite!
xo p

Anonymous said...

I had made one once when I was 9 back in the '80's. Now I need one for my daughter's doll!

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