Infinite Fashion Shoot Part Deux

A preview of the latest batch of infinite fashion, featuring Kozy and myself. More to dazzling garage finds come, but please peruse the last vintage shoot.

Very Minnie Mouse. Bloomers by Contempo Casuals.

If anyone questions my citizenship, I'll just wear this sweater and say in a broken accent, "I lub Amelika!"

The straps on this suit are ready to rave. 

Houndstooth hell or heaven? 

I might have actually worn this entire outfit as is when I was twelve. So Bum Equipment.  


Andrew Hsieh said...

Got a whiff of American Apparel from this post. You could totally rock those outfits today, I think. Just say it's vintage and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

hi..could you plz give me a link where i could find this awesome sweater with the american flag?thnx in advance :)

Raina Lee said...

Sorry, sold the sweater a while ago!

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