Garage Newb Takes A Tour

My friend Julia came over yesterday to see the garage for the first time. She's making the big east coast move soon and was looking for sweaters to keep her warm. Luckily I'm swimming in them! Her impressions:

Before walking all the way in she stopped to stare at the left side closet, a little stunned. Well, the garage is stunning! She later said to me, "The Garage is really special."

Special ed special or special? I knew when her eyes sparkled upon seeing the racks. I've noticed ladies who love clothes tend to react this way. They see racks of possibility. Every outfit is way to transform completely, everyday. You never have to stay the same.

Of course there is the other camp who would love to a monster Salvation Army truck roll up to my front door. I understand the logic. They don't want to see me downing in the stuff, like this:

We did a little drowning. But we got too hot being pressed against the wool Casual Corner blazers. 

Julia walked away with a plaid Christian Dior sport cardigan in fall colors. The garage always loves you back. 


doctor sabelotodo said...

i love your concept..it is 90% better than all the crappy blogs online..it is like a pleasant stroll thru an interesting part of life..keep on truckin'!!!! JULIA will tell yoy who i am

Raina Lee said...

I know who you are! thanks for reading my blog dr. sabelotodo!

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