Fun In A Hallway

How much fun can you have in the hallway? Maybe as much as in the Garage! Clearing out the Infinite Hallway, it was hard to not try on stuff every five minutes. Some of this is too wacky to sell. Or is it? 

My long lost polka dot Esprit tiered dress! The size reads "age 12". Don't worry, I didn't put it on! Thought about it though.

Never enough animal print for my aunt. Rrrah.

Swimming in silk T-shirts! I know what I'll be wearing everyday of the summer.

Studded vest by Caché with open mesh back. We were both like, WTF! 

We cleared it all out and for the first time in five years the hallway felt normal. It was really the only part of the house besides the garage that felt like Hoarders. I won't stumble on mounds of tennis shorts anymore. I don't have to say to friends, "Don't go into the hallway PLEASE!" And I got some pleated trousers out of it. 


lshih003 said...

HAHHAAHAHAHHA..I hope she inherits the animal print turtleneck. There are so many treasures in the infinite garage!!!

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