The Infinite Hallway

I have an Infinite Hallway. It doesn't keep expanding like the one from House of Leaves but it seems never ending. The stretch from the kitchen to garage is packed with suitcases and boxes filled with my mom's clothes. At some point she must have said "to hell with closets!" I cleared the hallway once in '03, only for her to fill it again a few months later.

Four closets were not enough so the house became her walk-in. For years I tried to live far enough away so I could lead a life not amongst clothes. The clothes had such weight. Just hanging, lifting, and dragging them from room to room was exhausting. In bundles they felt like bodies, limp and heavy. The precarious mountains of sweaters could avalanche at any time. We could never move because of the them. 

I've been trying to clear out the hallway this week because I'm sick of explaining to people why it's filled with clothes. I really wish I had an explanation. The only thing I can say is it's not my hallway, just like it's not my garage. I just got it one day.  


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