Fashion Friday: Shopping

How did my family end up so fashionable in the first place? We did a lot of this.

Picking, preening, and buying. And also returning, because that's what all shopaholics do.

"I'm not leaving without the Gucci!"

Bob's Lemonade, where you could get ice cream popsicles dipped in chocolate. Heaven. The mall was our second home.

Outside of Gucci. Check out my red knee high boots! 


emilia said...

Can't tell you enough how much I love this blog! And your red knee high boots!

Raina Lee said...

Thanks Emilia! I wish I could rock those boots now.

Sara Kazemi said...

I say you find a pair in your current size and rock them all around town!

Anonymous said...

wow... bob's lemonade at del amo

Raina Lee said...

that's right, del amo fashion center which was one time the world's biggest mall!

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