The Incense and Napkin Miser

More mystery bundles from my grandfather. He was the OCD man who kept collections of styrofoamstring, and Whole Foods napkins. These came out of a box of things he had shipped when he moved from Taiwan.

Inside my grandfather's bundles is a little bit of crazy. Crazy because incense doesn't cost much and it's insane to ship it across the world. 

My grandfather lived through the Japanese occupation and became an extreme saver of odds and ends. But he was vastly generous with family and friends. To the horror of my grandmother, he'd entire spend entire paychecks on dinners with friends and would even pay for tables of people he had just befriended. He was a spendthrift with people but a miser when it came to things like paper napkins, which he took from supermarkets and fast food chains. 

It's the joke in our family that our grandfather spent money like napkins and saved napkins like money. If napkins were money, I'd say he left me a small fortune. 


Parisa said...

charming pathologies abound.
xo p

Raina Lee said...

grandpa still is a charmer! I should light some incense!

mind.it said...

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Thomas Reed said...

That stuff looks pretty vintage, but if the incense was made from resinous wood such as sandalwood or agarwood, then it's possibly it could still be very usable. They don't make incense like they used to.

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