Mystery Object #2: Stamped Cards

Know what these stamped cards are for? They're blank and have postmarks. They're part of my dad's stamp collection, but otherwise, why keep a bundle of them? 

Help me figure out why philately enthusiasts collect these, I'll send you a some. Unlike the nose hair trimmer, I don't know much about these. 

Taichung, Taiwan 1959. 


blakewest said...

These are most likely First Day Covers. For decades, all around the world, it's a big deal for stamp collectors to obtain a stamp with that was canceled on the first day the stamp was made available to the public. It's such a big deal that often colorfully printed envelopes are designed that go with the design of the stamp. Sometimes, the post office will go a step further and come up with a specially cancel rubber stamp to complete the package.

When I collected stamps as a kid, I got a few of these first day covers on my own. You had to send a SASE to the postmaster of the town where the stamp was released. You actually had a certain amount of time after the stamp was released to get your envelope and stamp there, and they would just mail the envelope back to you using a backdated cancellation. I think I bought a few of the US FDCs with the fancy printing. I also got a cute purple postcard FDC from Australia with a Koala stamp.

Anyway, here is a link to Taiwanese first day cover images on Google. You might find one from your Dad's collection there.

Raina Lee said...

Aha, that solves the mystery! Wow, what an analog way to collect. mailing an SASE back to yourself! Thanks so much Blake! email me at infinitegarage [at] gmail if you;d like me to mail some to you!

Parisa said...

oh i love those...
xo p

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