Ernest And Gallo Johannisberg Riesling, Vintage 1984

You'd hope to find fine wine vintaging in a 30+ year old garage. From our Italian pizzeria days, may I present to you Ernest and Gallo Johannisberg Riesling, limited release vintage 1984.

When the professional organizer came last week, I discovered a case of champagne and riesling. I took two bottles of each and gave the rest to Habitat For Humanity, who were picking up other housewares. They were really picky about what they'd take (like no unpacked dishes) but the two guys were cool with the wines. There was probably a blow out party at Habitat Gardena that night.

Ok at this second, I am actually regretting that decision. My logic was that we only had crappy wine at Numero Uno, so old crappy wine might be really gross.

However it is the only edible thing I've found so far. I'll let you know how the tasting goes. 


accidentalpimp said...

My parents found and (for some reason) served an 87 something something at their Christmas party. It was the color of light soy sauce and tasted like burning! Why did I drink it??

Raina Lee said...

what is it suppose to be a white? how did their guests drink something in a wine glass that looked like soy? GROSSSSSSS. This still looks like a "white."

Anonymous said...


did you crack it open?

Anonymous said...

'84 I was in Germany for a month. First taste of Jhnsbg Rslng. YUM!! If you are selling '84 bottle, let me know what you would take for it!!
MozB M.

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