Mystery Object #7: Copper And Gold

Copper and gold, what secrets do you hold? 

What is this object? First correct answer left in the comments will receive a garage grab bag! 

Also, Mystery Object #6 was indeed calculator paper, from our restaurant days at Numero Uno. We used it to calculate payout. MO6 was correctly guessed by Ardith-- Ardith, email me to redeem your prize! 


Mr. Jackhonky said...

Looks like a bullet to me.

Tsega Dinka said...

Bullet for a high power machine gun, AK47 comes to mind.

Raina Lee said...

oh no, this is too easy!

Mr. Jackhonky said...

LOL! Give the grab bag to Tsega! He obviously knows what he's talking about, I was just "shooting in the dark" heh.

Plus I answered without realizing that I don't need more random stuff in my tiny apartment!

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