Fashion Friday: New York From The Sky

Tugging on a mother's skirt. My mother had dozens of matching skirt and top combos and made me promise to never split them up. They belonged together, she said.  

This photo is somewhere in New York. Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, and you help identify? You can see water in the blurry distance, so it doesn't look like the Empire State. 


Jeffrey "Tucano" Hou said...

Isn't this the empire state building?

Jeffrey "Tucano" Hou said...

You can see the hudson from the empire state building

Raina Lee said...

ok i guess next time i'm in town we'll have to go check it out...I feel like I went a few years ago with you guys and it didn't look like this, it was covered and glass

Anonymous said...

Definitely the Empire State Building. I was there in Feb 2002 and it still looked exactly like that. The observation deck is on the 86th floor. There is another, higher "observatory" at the 102nd floor. They don't let anyone normal go there though. And God forbid you would want to dock your airship at the very top.

Those guys in the background are straight out of the JC Penney catalog. I think your Mom and Dad had an ironic sense of humor.

And you seem to be levitating.

Parisa said...

your moms dress is beautiful!
xo p

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