Garage Style: Future Looks

I love the future and all it's possibilities. That's why I'm loving the geometric looks from the soon to be open Infinite Garage store. Here's Kozy, my favorite model.  
This yellow and black sweater has been in the hallway for years. Who knew it was so hot?
It's like I'm going to Studio 54 in sweatpants! I found the Chanel pumps at home too. The bag I'm carrying has belt loops so you can use it as a fanny pack. 
My mom had quite a few jolie-laid zip ups.
An umbrella and My So-Called Life on VHS. All you need. 
I don't know why my mom had a dashiki! WTF!

We ended the day by polishing off a bottle of Strawberry Lambic and talking smack. Thanks Kozyndan for the super fun day. 

More on Kozyndan's flickr!


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