Coins From An Italian Restaurant

What do you do when find $25.50 in pennies and $180 in quarters?

I wanted to blow it all on arcade games this weekend, but lazy summer weather got in the way. Went to the pool instead. 

Aside from the odd bags of change, my parents keep rolls of coins from their restaurant days. They owned an Italian pizzaria, a funny choice for a couple from Taiwan. They served thick crust New York style, lasagna, and spumoni ice cream. 

A scene from an Italian restaurant. 


Unknown said...

Raina please out those and all the other coins in an account that actually accrues interest! You can save some for sentimental value, unless you think you actually have a rare coin in the bunch, but then you'd have to sift through them... looks like someone needs an intern! Ha!

Parisa said...

I'm trying to think of something awesome that costs $205.50...
xo p

Raina Lee said...

erin, I'm not keeping them for sentimental value! I'm going straight to the nearest video game arcade.

P, what costs $205.00? Plane fare to visit you in brooklyn, no doubt. And a few games of Ms. Pac Man.

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