A Video Game About The Garage

Guitars, white picket fences, and purple teddy bears.
If there was a game about what it feels like to be in the Infinite Garage, The Incident would come close. In the 8-bit styled iPhone game, random crap--  TVs, red English phone booths, paintings, bikes, and teddy bears -- falls from the sky and you dodge it all to survive. Except for phone booths, I have most of those things at home and sometimes it does fall on me.

I like to think of The Incident as a commentary on consumerism and how the weight of having stuff will kill you in the end. It's the opposite of the amazing Katamari Damacy where you're obsessively collecting things, which is not what I'm trying to do.

I do love the game rules though. Avoid the stuff and live. And get on with your life!


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