Fashion Friday: Grizzly Man Japan

Most members of my family are animal lovers. We all have pets, mostly dogs. My grandmother had iridescent eels, a dog who only lived on her balcony, and a parrot who could say "dinner time!" in Taiwanese. That same parrot however attacked everyone who was not my grandmother. He was the first and last parrot anyone ever had. My uncle used to own Taiwan's #1 German Shepherd. "Polah" came in first in a national dog competition and was worth millions of NT. He always lunged at me like he wanted to kill me so it's a wonder I still love German Shepherds.  

Since we like animals, it's fitting that I found a photo of grandmother posing with frozen sheep and then of my father with bears in Japan. I thought zoos had only a few of each animal but the photo depicts some kind of bear traffic jam. I love that my dad is posing in a slick leather trench and loosely styled scarf in front of this wilderness scene. 


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