Astronaut Pantyhose

Earlier this year I was able to see the last evening space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral. It was blinding and beautiful. It was truly out of this multiverse.


There are probably more women astronauts now. They might need pantyhose up there. Luckily, the Infinite Garage can supply that. These packs of No Nonsense Pantyhose are packaged strong enough for a astroman, but made for a woman. 

They resemble packs of freeze dried astronaut ice cream that you buy at the Smithsonian

"Super Sheer," "Comfort Stride," and "Control Top" can all help with mobility in space. Some even have a vented cotton crotch to keep women cool when they're burning up from re-entry.


B said...

New reader here, just catching up on your archives and dreading the day that I have to tackle my own "Infinite Garage" (and basement, and attic, and closets times a million...)Anyways, I can't believe that no one has commented about the fact that in the first picture, these look like a retro-fabulous condom collection! (Oh wait, why would anyone need an endless supply of those when they have the sex plug necklace?)

Your astronaut connection was amazing, btw!

Raina Lee said...

hi B, thanks for coming by! yes, retro-futuristic condoms! when i was a smithsonian intern i ended up in medical collections and saw some very old condom packages. I only wished they had looked like these!

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