Chinese Cassette Tape Wallpaper

Oh peeling sticker labels and plastic swivel containers! I wouldn't mind if my wall were lined with faded cassette tapes. 

The beauty of tapes is that they let you pick up exactly where you left off. No lag or repeats until you loop around. 

I found these cassettes in a "Viva Life" vitamin tote bag that came free with the CoQ10 and green barley  my mom once ordered. 

Like bags of change and pantyhose, I find tapes all over the house. We have Chinese pop from the 70s and 80s, French pianist Richard Clayderman (wildly popular in Asia!), Oldies But Goodies compilations my dad ordered off TV, and Taiwanese and Japanese tango music. Tango music was the jams when my parents were young. 

Here's the queen of Chinese pop Teresa Teng singing "Goodbye My Love." Note the pink lens flare and male back up dancers! 


hk said...

if you have any tango music on vinyl, let me know.

Raina Lee said...

i feel like I have tom jones and john denver on chinese vinyl, but I'll see if there's tango!

Andrew Hsieh said...

Richard Clayderman. Oh, man, that brings back memories. I don't think there was a single moment in our house for a certain year where his piano music wasn't heard.

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