The American Bicycle

None of them knew how to ride. But at least the bicycle was American.

Aunt Yaling, Aunt Yalee, and my mom.

Taiwan was provincial and poor in the 60s and it was hard for normal folks to get anything from the States. My mom and her sisters had an in. My oldest aunt had married a Chinese doctor who worked for the U.S. Army. He had an ID card that my mom used to sneak into the U.S. base in Taiwan where they sold American things. 

My mom was proud to bring the bike home. But she and sisters kept falling off of it. They decided to give it to their younger brother instead. 


With fabric sent by my oldest aunt in the States,  Aunt Yalee (middle) told me she specifically designed the op-art skort in the photo to ride that bike. She made a kick pleat in the middle so it would look like a skirt standing up but open like shorts. 

Thanks Aunt Yalee for recounting this story!


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