Garage Geology

I found all this in a box.

It's not uncommon for me to find stashes of incongruous things. It'll look as if everything once lived in a drawer and then got dumped into a bag. How else could they have come together in a perfectly preserved time capsule?

Clockwise: Plastic whale comb, airmail envelopes, glow-in-the-dark shoelaces, Los Angeles map, Redondo Beach Fun Factory arcade token, Japanese print origami, a $10 voucher towards the defunct Mandarin Shanghai Restaurant, a photo of me on a Disneyland boat, and a loaded bullet cartridge.


ste said...

I really want to read the short story that links all of these things together.

Raina Lee said...

pls write this story ste, and let me post it. be sure to work in the bullet cartridge!

Unknown said...

fwd to significantobjects.com

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