The rest 'o Texas

I've been swept up into a whirlwind of traveling in the past two months. This will be the only hiatus from the Garage until I finish getting rid of everything.

Back in Texas, I said I'd go through my aunt's similar items. Instead we spent the week exploring south Texas, rattlesnake racing, karaoke slinging, and taking in the beachy scenery. I did get to spend an evening trying on clothes and trinkets at my aunt's and ended up dragging a bunch of crazy jumpsuits back to California.

After a few hours of dress up, I asked my aunt if she could put on some music for our fashion show. Lo and behold she had plugged in a clock radio in her closet so she could not only have music but always know what time it was if she was lost in her walk-in. Genuis!


Parisa said...

good times!!!
xo p

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