Infinite Leopard Print

I had a great first Infinite Fashion Shoot with my friends Kozyndan this weekend. For an artist, Kozy also happens to be an awesome model! She knows how to style herself, makes mom-butt shorts look hot, and works yoga into her poses. She also shares my zeal for vintage dress up and isn't afraid of any print or cut. Just wish I had her around all the time as my living doll!

When I pulled this little leopard ensemble from the Garage, we both went bonkers.

What's that on my back? Three leopards within the leopard print! 

Infinite Leopard! Rrrrrr!

Vintage leopard top and pants. Left: Forever 21 skirt, vintage Yves Saint Laurent platform heels, vintage knot belt. Right: Forever 21 tank top, Pierre Hardy for the Gap sandals. Thanks Dan for the photos!

More photos to come when I get my store together. Yes I'm slow, sorry!


Parisa said...

xo p

misocrazy said...

You didn't gain any weight in Taiwan! If you did, you probably needed it. FUNNN you are totally going to make a killing if you open up shop in Brooklyn.

leitru said...

The only way to pay homage to this outfit is to first glue on some whiskers and paint brown spots on your body, and THEN wear the shirt and pants together. Raawrrr!

Raina Lee said...

Hi p!

hey june, if i drag all my goods to brooklyn you'll have to help me model them!

lei, can't i just wear your cat aimee as an accessory?

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