I see Taiwan, I see France

I'm tired of traveling. I'm just going to listen to some Bibio and go around the world through my dad's stamps.

Some faves are the Warholian Chiang Kai-Shek collage and Grace Kelly. 

I found a book bag of my dad's stamp albums in the Garage. Philately must have been popular in Taiwan, enough to warrant a five story museum in Taipei (I've been). 

The stamps are meticulously organized. Doubles are stacked on top of each other and they're divided into sections with the country name written on tabs. They're written shaky kid scrawl. An inscription inside one of the albums says "Happy Birthday,  July 1959." Dad was a young tween when he collected these. 


Anonymous said...

raina! i've been looking for stamps from taiwan! can i take a look at these before you list them?

lshih003 said...

email killed the stamp collectors. Apple killed CDs and books and the desire to own anything in bright colored polished aluminum. Unless it's an iron man suit, because that would be awesome.

Raina Lee said...

who is "anonymous"? reveal yourself!

Parisa said...

Oh Raina! these are amazing!!!
xo p

Unknown said...

Ooo, I want some colorful stamps!

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