Hose and Animals

At my house plastic bags always carry surprises. My mom would store everything from family photos to crumpled toilet paper in them so it's important to go through every bag. She didn't have a hierarchy of storage where you'd logically put valuable objects in seemingly more valuable containers such as safes and jewelry boxes. It probably wasn't to trick thieves but just the organization "tools" she had at hand and didn't have to spend money on.

Today in addition to finding a few heavy bags of money (including quarter rolls) which is common in the Garage, I found a bundle of Taiwanese pantyhose and a bag of cheap Vegas-quality stuffed animals. They're the kind that are are florescent colored and too hard to hold. Both hose and animals were the same box. It seemed like the universe was telling me to do something with them. Installation? Slingshot? Emily suggested I donate the pantyhose to help clean up the oil spills. My god, that's a great ideal because it's probably the fifth bag of hose I've found!

Someone suggested that bank robbers could use the hose too. Especially ones like this.



john said...

Keep those stuffed animals away from Merlin!

Raina Lee said...

ha, he eats anything that's furry.

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