Hey, That's My House!

In the late 80's my dad bought this from a guy who went door-to-door selling aerial photos of neighborhoods. Maybe we were suckers but the feeling of "hey, that's my house!" was impossible to resist in a time before Google Maps.


Ameena said...

Raina - I cannot believe what a small world it is! I found you through Lynn's blog just now and went I saw your name I thought...could it be my old high school friend? And it is you.

So sorry to hear about your parents Raina. I can't imagine how hard it must be to go through the garage...this blog is a great idea.

Would love to catch up! ameenadin@hotmail.com

Raina Lee said...

Hi Ameena! I walked by your house last year and asked your dad if you were around! Anyway, so nice to hear from you! I'll email you!

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