Online Garage sales are a "thing" now

Yup, you heard it here first.

Fashion ladies Vena Cana will start selling their things such a social security card, a mispelled friendship bracelet, mix CDs, and an old Volvo at their online garage sale. Oh and they're selling via text message on their site. Maybe I can start hawking weird items from exes, ex-friends, etc. Check out the Vena Cava blog that posts everything cool, old, and crazy. Photos lifted from there:

Reminds me that I should sell this ill-fitting Vena Cava dress that could only look good on the Serena Van Der Woodsens of the world. It was at the Fred Segal sale (90% off!) and thought I could work it. I have to accept that we Asians just aren't build like that.

Interestingly, my brilliant gaming scholar friend Davey is also having an online garage sale. He's moving to Aussie land and selling all his cool ish.

Via Refinery 29.


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