The Haunted Mansion Secret Panel Chest

Here's the Haunted Mansion Secret Panel Chest which isn't so secret because it says so on top. You slide the two side panels (which look like mini parquet floors) down twice to reveal a tiny drawer. And then slide the top off to open the heart and a bottom drawer. It's a good place to store your jewels, drugs, or secrets. I could see how a kid could play with this for hours. 

This isn't my childhood toy and I feel guilty for having it. It belonged to someone I dated briefly in college who really shouldn't have given it to me. I Googled him and it turns out he's an attorney and happily married so I don't think he's missing the Secret Panel Chest. Sorry regardless!

The Haunted Mansion would be my first choice in residence if I had to live in Disneyland. I told Parisa it was my favorite nightmare. Where else can you find a horse-drawn hearse and a ballroom with drunk dancing ghosts?


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