Fashion Holodeck

The Garage is like the Holodeck. It takes you through space and time.  

This time Emily and I landed in the late 80's, possibly early 90's. Patterned harem pants, Navajo prints, and lots of leopard. Leopard on leopard even. 

This leopard print dress not only comes with a matching chain belt but a fabric scarf-belt! The baggy obasan (Japanese for old lady, but it's also what we call them in Taiwan) dresses were definitely my grandmother's. I can tell because the labels are in Italian or in Christian Dior. I get excited when I find her stuff because expensive things are usually much crazier in design than my mom's Casual Corner duds. And who doesn't like fancy vintage?

Emily was a portrait of a lady standing next to the bougainvilleas, in this Limited Express jersey dress. Looking at this reminds me that the side yard needs desperate watering, though I suppose it's more Grey Gardens this way! In southern California it's a crime to either water your lawn or neglect it. A ugly yard brings down real estate values, but why water in a desert?

Batwing florals! If I lived in Williamsburg this sort of thing I'd sell on Bedford to newly minted hip kids. It's a pity they can't drive to the 'burbs. I'm going to sell to them through Etsy soon if I can solve my product lighting issues. 

I'm also looking for a dress form if anyone in the LA area wants to sell me theirs!


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