This Camera Is A Time Travel Device

This photograph is evidence of time travel. This camera is how we got there. You can crawl in, curl yourself up like a roll of film, close your eyes and go! My grandfather is showing us the way. 


Does anyone know where this giant camera is or was? I found this amongst other photos of my family visiting a giant dam, looks like California. If you help me identify it, you shall receive affection garage mail and some goodies.  


sean said...


"The target I finally chose for *FATE* magazine was an old photo of myself in my twenties. In it, I am leaning against a giant 35-mm camera, one of the props at Universal Studios in Southern Califor...nia. My arms are partially encircling the focusing ring. My husband, Manny, is taking the picture and his image is reflected in the curved lens."





ps. i love the internet.

Raina Lee said...

you are awesome sean marc lee. i'm glad you scour the internet-- so I don't have to!!!

Parisa said...

oh my holy god of time travel.
xo p

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