Autumn Sweater

A pink forest is growing in my chest. The leaves have blown away and the pond has turned yellow.

Today I'm wearing a theme sweater from my mother's collection. Sleeveless and made of cotton, it's a light summer sweater that I'm transitioning into fall with a turtleneck. Next to the PANDAmonium and Urban Christmas, it's one of my more wearable favorites. The best sweaters are the ones that tell a story. 

Do you have a favorite sweater? 


Ryan S said...

from the thumbnail in facebook, i thought you were cosplaying as Chun-Li (whoops!)

Lijay said...

I like the fact that it's sleeveless! This looks like a sweater that designed by 8-bit nintendo artists

Esme Q said...

is that pond yellow, or did someone have to go in the snow?
its kind of like an ab-ex piece, love it

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