The Realistic Endless Loop

I found an infinite cassette tape in the box of Chinese pop cassettes I came across last week. 

There's not even tape inside this tape. (Ceci n'pas une cassette tape!) It's an "endless loop" tape from an 1980s answering machine that plays outgoing message. Our family didn't use an answering machine until the mid-90s so I'm not sure how we got this. 

The label reads "20 seconds length." They are 20 seconds that never end. This is your ticket to forever. 

I love that the brand is called Realistic, the former house label of Radio Shack. 

"Warning: Never attempt to insert cassette this side up" or you will mess up the space time continuum.  


Parisa said...

add this to your time travel kit.
xo p

Raina Lee said...

good idea p! i should create a time capsule for time travel. xo

lshih003 said...

If you play it backwards, it will take you through a worm hole like spock in the star trek reboot!!!

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