Infinite Pumpkins

I only have things in multiples so here's what I have for Halloween. Infinite pumpkins!

The second to the left Jack is a plush basketball wearing a Jack-O-Lantern mask. That's his Halloween costume. 

The pumpkins adorn the living room. 

I wish it were always Halloween. From inheriting so much clothing, I feel as if I should wear an elaborate costume everyday. It's a strange thing to have infinite wardrobe options even when you aren't infinitely rich. Frilly victorian or Meryl Streep in Out Of Africa? Masculine feminine Annie Hall or Pretty In Pink? Maybe it's because I have spent too much time around clothes, but I am at a point where I have minor anxiety over not being able to wear all the things my mother left me. Even after giving away truckloads, there aren't enough days or nights or tea parties or horse races or weddings or gay clubs to wear what's left. I need to travel to the planet where it's Halloween everyday. 


Asiul said...

Let me know when u find this planet: sounds too cool to miss it :)

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