Music Monday: The Student Sound Volume 4

Crumpled with a moist layer of grime on the plastic sleeve protector, this record is from my grandfather's collection, shipped from Taiwan. It might have been my mother's. She's the most likely of her siblings not just to buy music but to keep it all these years.

I thought it was another luscious lady of Chinese pop, but the cover girl is the only thing Chinese about The Student Sound, Volume 4. The record is a compilation of western "golden hits" from '69, including "The White Room" and "Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da". 

When I think of "students" and "1969", I don't imagine a proper pin-up girl next to a flower. I think of girls with flowers in their hair, youth revolt, Third World Strike, and bell bottoms. The spirit of '69 got lost on the way to Taiwan.


lynn said...

my parents recorded an album in the 60's in taiwan - we recently unearthed it and put it on cd for them. it's AWESOME.

Unknown said...

raina, I hope you're saving the actual chinese records.
because I NEEDS THEM. :3
I'll give you dollars!

Raina Lee said...

Lynn, that is so awesome rad, were they musicians?! or just Chinese bohemians!

Brandon, the records are sitting neatly in a box for the next time you come to town!

Jenn said...

My new favourite blog, this is amazing. Want to come and look! I love that you did not take the easy option and get somebody to take it all away even though it must be overwhelming at times. X

Parisa said...

the vines are a nice touch!
xo p

Unknown said...

yessss I'm hopefully gonna come before the year ends!

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