Portrait Of My Mother's Hands

Portrait of my mother's hands. I found them in her passport wallet.  

She didn't plan on shooting from the hip. My mother was always conscious of being photogenic, so this is a rare instance where I get to see beyond the practiced pose. Above the frame I know she is holding a smile for her new passport picture. 

In the first frame her hands are clenched and her is body tense. In the second she shifts and weaves her hands together. In the third she begins to relax, letting her hands lower. She's getting the hang of photoboothing. 

The second time around she's perfected the look. She's able to create three identical portraits.

Incidentally, I came across the exact outfit she was wearing in the photobooth pictures. She hung the rose printed striped top and matching skirt together with the belt, as if she had just taken it off. She did that with outfits she liked. Notice all three pieces in the hands portrait.


Melissa said...

I definitely need that shirt.

Also, the hand portrait is really, unintentionally cool.

Raina Lee said...

who thought of putting roses with stripes? Genius! It's sort of oversized though.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed by your mom's planned outfits. Amazed. Dozens of years later, still there. It's a closet time capsule.

elisa said...

My mom's hands were also often clenched, as in the first photo.

I really love your blog, Raina.

Raina Lee said...

thanks for sharing elisa. dude, i miss you!

Parisa said...

there should be a whole series of photobooth pictures of only hands.
xo p

Raina Lee said...

let's do photobooth hands p! xox

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