Yesterday and Tomorrowland

It first occurred to me to recreate our family photos when I got back from Disneyworld, Orlando earlier this year and found photos of my dad there. I had always assumed his photos to be of Disneyland, Anaheim because that's the Disneyland of choice if you're from LA. I looked closer and confirmed that it was indeed Disneyworld, Orlando from this view (below) from the Monorail. I remember seeing the Magic Castle from this angle too. 

I also found images of my dad in front of a Florida country club and a model home. I'm don't know how people he was travelling with (at least one since someone had to take his mug) or the purpose of his trip, but he never told me he went to the other Disneyland. Being a Disneyland freak as a kid I would have loved to have known.

I knew my dad was well travelled. But I never paid attention to where he'd been until I started seeing the world for myself.

The following time travel experiment was not intentionally recreated to match the past. But like the photos of Venice, they happened to be very similar.



Disneyworld seems to be the place for time travel. I was able to gaze into the future. From the top of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse I could see the skyline of Tomorrowland!


Parisa said...

it appears your dad was a disneyland freak as well!
i love the quote you came up with about seeing the future- well it wasn't a quote to you because you said it - but it was a quote to me - maybe you had to be there...
XO p

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